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Day old Chicks - Quail - Rodents

Blast frozen day old chicks, quality produced meeting all the standards set for animal by products.

Kiezebrink UK chicks Price per box


One box 10kg (approx 250 chicks)  £9.00


Scottish Hawking Club members     £8.50


20 boxs (5 thousand)                    £8.00


1 Pallet 105 box(26.25 thousand)   £7.00


Kiezebrink Holland chicks Price per box


Currently .50 pence per box extra

(extra transport cost may apply in the future)


Scientifically Pathegen Free 

Rats (150gms - 250gms)       £5.00   per Kg


Mice (20 - 25gms)                £15.00 per Kg

Quail salmonella free

Prime quail  (average 200gms)  £0.85 each


Ex layer       (250gms +)          £0.60 each


Approved Licenced Animal By Product Handling Plant 

Astroturf - The Real Thing

1 yard wide x per metre    £18.50


Delivery per cut metre -  Contact us


Per roll 17 metres             £275.00


Delivery per roll                £30.00



Forest Green

Classic Green

Petmate Vari Kennels

The Vari Kennel ll Traditional pet carrier is an airline pet shipping crate, used for shipping birds of prey, which meets the IATA requirements on live animal transport. The Vari-Kennel pet carrier combines value with preferred features, such as heavy duty plastic shells, chromed wire doors and vents and plastic easy lock nuts . Meets airline requirements.This crate is available in 4 sizes


Discounts are available for bulk purchase and regular customers


Medium                                    £59.99

28" x 20" x 21" (71  x 50 x 53 cm)



Intermediate                             £79.99

32″ x 23″ x 24″ (81 x 58 x 61)



Large                                       £99.99

36" x 25" x 27" (91 x 63 x 68 cm) EXTERNAL MEASUREMENTS.


Extra Large                              £124.99

40" x  27" x 30" (101 x 68 x 76 cm) EXTERNAL MEASUREMENTS.

Vari Kennel Traditional 

Small                                    £43.99

21" x 16" x 15" (53 x 41 x 38 cm)




Other models and sizes are available

contact us for your requirements

For more information on shipping Live Animals visit the IATA website or


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