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Scottish Eagle Centre with Andrew Knowles-Brown

The breeding facility of the Scottish Eagle Centre is situated at Crookedstane, a hill farm nestling in the shadow of the Lowther hills, where the source of the river Clyde begins.   This breeding facility has been developed by Andrew Knowles-Brown and his family over the last 25 years, initially breeding to establish different species of eagle for hunting, though it has evolved to breed sustainable captive populations of other rarer species of eagle to help aid their conservation status.  Eagles are under pressure in the wild, mainly from human interference, habitat loss and pursecution.  While there are In situ projects to protect the rarest and most vunerable species, sustainable captive populations ex situ should also be established.  Eagles do not easily breed in captivity, here at the Scottish Eagle Cente methods are continually  being refining to improve it's breeding success's. It is only when we can understand the nature of these magnificent birds at first hand can we help the wild populations with protection and reintroductions. 

Balai Directive Approved

92/65/EEC Registered Holding

Authorised UK Animal Transporter


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